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Lumbar Discography

What is a Cervical (neck) or Lumbar (lower back) Discography?

A discogram is a diagnostic test performed to determine the location or source of our pain pain.

How is this procedure done?

  • Utah Spine Care uses fluoroscopy (live x-ray guidance) for all Discography Procedures
  • The patient will lie on a procedure bed on his or her stomach
  • The physician will place a small pillow under the stomach of the patient to help raise the spine
  • You skin with be cleansed with an antiseptic solution, then the physician will inject a short-acting anesthetic (numbing agent) to the skin around the injection site
  • Once your physician has found the correct spot, using fluoroscopy guidance, he or she will start the procedure
  • Your Physician will direct a spinal needle into the skin and then toward the determined area of pain
  • You physician will then attempt to “re-create” your specific pain, this will help to determine the exact location of your problem

How long does this procedure take?

The procedure takes approximately 30-45 minutes with an additional 30-45 minutes of recovery time.

What are the expected results of this procedure?

  • Recreation of painful symptoms if the disk(s) is generating your pain
  • Confirmation of a diagnosis and/or determination of which disk(s) is the source of pain